I think best way is to ask (convince) ClubMahindra to cancel your membership .. as you have shot free look up period by only 2 days (based on 10 day number, what I remember), batter call their call center and ask if free look up period is 10 days or two weeks. I am interested in buying a 4N/5D in Club Mahindra , Goa between 2nd and 3rd week of December'2009. It consists of misal (a spicy curry usually made of sprouted moth beans) and pav (a type of Indian bread roll). email me at nimbus497@gmail.com. Your booking with CV 3462207 has been cancelled. Fundamental flaws in membership still there .. so the attitude from the management. Thanks. i was told that cm is lethargic in all these process, which was proved wrong. ), ( Try being a little forceful or even demanding (a little rudeness doesn't hurt, after all you have forked out a huge amount for this m/ship)and ask to speak to the team leader. 19 anyways, if anyone has doubts and queries, they can mail me and i would be glad to guide. Please delete it from the records.thanksanupama, HiYour website was very useful for me to find out the buyer, sitting in US, I could sell my membership.You have done a Wonderful job. Is there any significant change in the situation after that? of holidays that we have currently are about 15. please quote ur expected price for red studio, Lonely 33,Yes, unused days (upto 21days) are transferred...Allan,Will take care of it. 39 Its famous view of the Himalayas and rich wildlife, plus 7th century temples, all contribute to the atmosphere of beauty it enjoys. Else you can check directly with CM for latest prices and offers.jack: "Feel that if all members plan and sell off their membership what will CM do ?".. Best is to select a buyer/seller in your city, meet him in person and then execute the deal after knowing them.Thanks. 32 Most of the timeshare companies do not give a provision in their website where members can put their membership for sale. 194 Donot worry about that. as per seller, he has 1 week worth of unused holidays with rci. Good. Re:Shri : Yes it is indeed a very less time. I am planning to buy White Studio (around Rs 2.6 lacs MRP).Thx,Kaushal.Mumbai. It may take about 10 minutes to appear and new entries will be at the bottom of the page till they are moved to top by ushttp://spreadsheets6.google.com/viewform?key=p0dvEcCBXlzLnGbzg2McOEQ&email=true, shailendra, the correction you've asked is done. thanks. I spoke to him to sell my membership and he said the entry was put in error and he isnt looking to buy. feet upwards; whereas the base category room at a Club Mahindra Resort starts from 350 sq. Hi Shrinidhi,You are doing a wonderful job. ), ( @NeelaThanks for sharing that information. While transferring membership ownership, Club Mahindra will state the pending dues- whatever the amount shown there needs to be paid-either by the buyer or seller. i mailed them last week only...but as i'v read other member's comments...i dnt think these ppl are gonna do anything... they jus knw how to make money... i need to buy a holiday for 1week at cm munnar.on 19th oct 2009. ready for negotiations.bijonshah@gmail.com, Holiday company asked to refund membership moneyhttp://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/Chandigarh/Holiday-company-asked-to-refund-membership-money/articleshow/4316262.cms. Tiger Ramesh. T&C Apply. 3,51,791/=. I am expecting Rs.1.5 lacs. 1,50,000/- approx(cost me Total EMI ##60 X Rs.3481=2,08,860/-since I opted for 5 years EMI payment)Amount paid so far: 1,72,410/(already paid 15,564/- upfront and 3 EMIs of 3481/- each)(You can continue paying the remaining EMIs at 3481/- per month)Reason for sale: Just bought an apartment for 30 Lacks. Chk in 27th March, Chk out 3rd April,2009. 22,000/- (less than half of what I've paid till now. regards. 349 We'll wait and see.If it doesn't appear I'll investigate further.Sorry for the inconvenience. Its for a studio. ), ( 21 I had posted the same on 18 March 2010. Gandhi Shikhar, popularly known as the Sunset Point, is a prominent attraction. Is there anyway to get refund of Rs. ), ( Kindly drop a comment if any of you closed a deal...(There have been quite a few. 18 hi i need to buy a holiday for 3 nights and 4 days at goa from 5th jan 2009 mehul if any seller please mail me on mehulsmile@yahoo.co.in or call on 9820268985, HiThe Purple Studio Membership, mail id sapfico_trainer@yahoo.com has been sold. I just posted my 'selling' intentions on your site. Details as below :Type: Studio WhiteMember since: Dec'05Valid till: Dec 30Days available : 18.4Fully paid. Dear All,Are you facing any challenges making an entry to the table given in the post?I see everyone writing comments instead... Hi Srinidhi,I was able to close a deal for studio RED. What I am saying is that in many of their resorts, they are building hotel type rooms - why on earth should we book 25 years in advance for this? Baanigondu elle ellide? Dear HarshMy pleasure. Mahindra Holiday & Resorts India Limited (MHRIL) is a part of the Leisure and Hospitality sector of the Mahindra Group. 5000 through my credit card on 7th of March & I do not have the receipt for same except for credit card counter.Now I don't want to go for membership how can I recover my 5000 Rs. I hope I can successfully sell my membership.Regardskishore, kbjadhav69@gmail.com. ), ( ), ( Hi! Nestled in the heart of this beautiful hill station, the Saputara Lake attracts a horde of visitors year-round. I was searching for some feedbacks from existing customers. The entry is for a red studio and is dated Oct 14. Non Kannada Readers excuse. This article is part of sponsored content programme. 7 It is a 26-day long festival and takes place between December-January. we'll take care of that. You also get the benefit of holidaying at International locations through RCI. I try my best to keep the post as updated as possible, still lot of things are pending from my side.Pls reply to Bhupesh's mail on the buyer details, so that we can keep the table updated.Anon, thanks for the price update on Red StudioUday, thanks for updating. By the time I read detailed terms & understood the same, mandatory 10days cancellation period was over. hi,i am trying to sell off specific days of my club mahindra membership..the rates are negotiable and im a blue one bedroom holder,please contact me on dhananjaicharan@hotmail.com for more deatils!Thnank u! Manimaran. Requesting other readers/members to advise.Since CM has to document and approve such transfer, you may have to go by their guidelines for this. Is there any service complaints after checking-in?. 141 I do not want my "buy" request to be listed any longer.My name is Rakesh and I had expressed interest in buying CM membership of Studio RED.ThanksRakesh, Rakesh & others, it becomes difficult for us to keep track and authenticate if you write anonymous comments suggesting removal of entries. you can go to any of the resorts. I am also thankful to you and your team for the same.RegardsUday. thanks for sharing your observationsManoj: All the bestFlyfox: thanks for the comment, Dear Friends,I have a club Mahindra (Studio Blue) membership for which I have already paid up fully (Rs 1.4 Lakhs) plus the ASF for 2008 and 2009 (approx 7000 each). Srinidhi,I had entered a sell entry on Oct 14 for s Red Studio. I am one of those whom you might say still hopes that there is some legal way to expose these rascals and save poor unsuspecting potential members. You may delete one.Sorry again for inconveniencing you. Dear Shrindhi hande,Thanks for your site,managed to sell off my CM membership and all credit to you and your site,GOD BLESS YOU FOR YOUR GOOD WORK.Allan Bosco ValdarisEx-CMahindra member. +968 97052786 / 9822899955, Dear Mr Hande ,I wish to sell the complimentary Three Weeks of International/National RCI Holidays received along with CM membership .They are valid from March 2009 to March 2012 .But i havent been able to utilise the complimentary holidays .Is it possible to sell them ?With Regards ,Omkar S S.email:omkar.sonalkar@gmail.com, Omkar,I don't think you'll be able to sell them, because almost everyone who got them never managed to convert it into a holiday (try booking a resort using that, if you get accommodation confirmed, then try to sell it)Sachin,May be you should make an entry as well, if you've not done it so far, Hi!I am a club mahindra member since Nov, 2005 for White Season Studio apartment (valid till Oct, 2030). 10 I am interested in buying a 3N/4D or 4N/5D. Regards -Niranjan P., Mumbaie-mail - niranjan.p@indiatimes.com, HiI am sid here and wants to sell accumulated holidays.I have a valid RCI membership also so that I can book hotels which are not in CM chain...Call me at 09844543443 for more details. Anybody interseted pls email to mailkunwar@gmail.com, thanks for some enlightening information on cm. Do you have any idea on what the current list price for CM membership is? Happy to note that you could sell it offSumamura,Good luck. We'll do the needful.Chau,All the best. But now i wonder how the interested people will contact me. Fortunately for me you site was my saviour! If you wish to sell of your membership enter the details here and in case you are looking forward to buy a used membership you can contact any members who have listed their membership for sale here or make a new entry stating your requirements. You may browse through comment section of my CM review post for more detailed experiences, complaints and feedback.Shailendra, will edit your entry in a few days time.Vidyut,Its ok.Mechanics of the deal are to be decided between the buyer and seller. -Shailendra, I WOULD LIKE TO SELL 2 STUDIO APARTMENTS(COMFORTABLE FOR 8 PEOPLE) FOR A WEEK AT CLUB MAHINDRA MUNNAR,STARTING nov 2 2009THOSE INRERESTED CAN CONTACT CHETAN AT 9820349012. How do buyer and seller ensure that they get what they wanted?I am aware that your list merely facilitates contact between buyer and seller and does not guarantee the deal. Mahindra Holida Standalone September 2020 Net Sales at Rs 185.79 crore, down 20.44% Y-o-Y Oct 30 2020 09:10 AM. So i end this post by cautioning all u guys out there who still want to go for this scam by saying if you could really spare that much money, rather put it in FD and holiday 4 or even 5 star as and when required rather then being compelled. We had bought the membership in 2008, and have made the entire payment for the same, including the ASF for the years 2008 and 2009. @ AkumarDid anyone call you? Atom Refer your close ones and earn rewards worth upto Rs. Mr. Anonymous,You paid only 5 percent (10,000) right? Situated on the southern tip of Saputara Lake, Nageshwar Mahadev Temple is the most celebrated shrine of the hill station. ThanksLonely 33,Sanjeev has quoted in this comment (http://www.enidhi.net/2008/04/club-mahindra-to-host-celebrate-in.html?showComment=1278585764720#c3004149307935416614) as below:"Hi, I am hoping it to be a "no-regret" deal and am expecting 2,20,000/-for the Red-Studio. Hi Shrinidhi, Please ignore my earlier post, I just found my ad did figure in the table but in the bottom ! Mail me vidhugeni@gmail.com, hi i just posted my sell CM but got it wrong .could you please correct it. Holidaying in a lower season /apartment consumes lesser days & helps you enjoy more holidays. 178 ), ( I'll do the needful. Dear All,Please use this posthttp://www.enidhi.net/2009/08/buysell-days-at-timeshare-resorts.html to make your entries for buying/selling specific days at a particular resort.Hope you'll find it useful. The chart below shows the number of day points consumed based on the number of the nights, apartment type and the season in which you 50,000/- (less than half of what I've paid till now. Situated on the state border between Gujarat and Maharashtra, near Saputara, the Hatgad Fort is an ancient citadel that overlooks some splendid landscapes. Make your entry in the spreadsheet here. It was very easy.Thanksanupama, @ AnupamaWe'll do the needful. 13 12 So plz correct it to 'SELL'.Thanks.Harshal. Get a taste of royal living in the Rajput era, at the Club Mahindra Kumbhalgarh Resort. 105 Post Office Address proof card- all you need to know. Club Mahindra Varca is located in the south of Goa. it is unlikely one would notice your comment and respond.Bhupesh,Thanks for sharing. Srinidhi. Hi KaushalThere're already couple of links in the above post which give you full analysis of CM membership- you can directly check those posts Thanks, Here's the linkhttp://www.enidhi.net/2007/02/never-go-for-club-mahindra-membership.html, Hi,This is Ajay-From Bangalore. The Club Mahindra Experience Access 100+ resorts across India and the world, where a universe of experiences opens up for you. Give a written request to the center from where your bought it. Club Mahindra Madikeri, Coorg is an excellent choice for travellers visiting Madikeri, offering a romantic environment alongside many helpful amenities designed to enhance your stay. Thanks a lot Harsh for sharing the details.Enjoy your vacation and do share with us how it went.Regards, kindly clarify the unused no of days are transfered on change of membership or are cancelled. Do not forget to take acknowledgment ...also write to[feedback@clubmahindra.com]You may not have membership number or receipt, just give all detail like from where you bought it, your name, telephone number, address you mentioned in the form etc .. Referral benefits applicable as per Terms & Conditions document Your sale and purchase of membership of Club Mahindra at your web site,according to me, is already a great success. Please load in the table for me.SELL RequestMemeber ship type: Studio Season: RED Timeshare Company : club MahindraMember since : 1st Jan 2009Unused days : 14Expected price : Rs 2,25,000Negotiable : YesOutstanding payment: nilMy name: PalvannanLocation: DubaiPhone:00971507487510Mail: palvannana@yahoo.comTermes & Conditions: yesThanks,Palvannan. It is the perfect combination of luxury and scenic beauty, an ideal retreat for guests looking for a relaxing change from the monotony. 1 This is a great service for us timeshare holders.Shriram. Please share some reviews about it. 4 Dear Shrinidhi ,I entered following details yesterday for SELL,but not showing up yet. Yes, You will get full refund if requested with in 10 days. I have added my 'Sell' entry. 2,000/- Food vouchers that can be used there (iii) 2.5 Years complimentary RCI membership.Interested people can contact me at +91 9702034612/+91 9322730772 or mail me at rahul011@yahoo.com. Hatgad is 6 kms away from Saputara, a picturesque hill station perched atop the gigantic Sahyadri mountain range. the membership is goign to expire on 31/07/2010, still 2 months to go. Hi,Your site was very useful to get large number of customers & I could sell my clubmahindra membership.Plz delete the entry posted on 25th Sep 2008 to sell red week studio appartment in the name of kmmanoj_2000@yahoo.com Thanks once again. Enjoy the spacious rooms. Pradeep, Some member advice canceling/blocking Credit Card so that while your cancellation request is in process they can not bill further amount on your card. How do i calculate the expected price? So please delete the other entry.Thanks,Jyothi D'mello, Hi Jyoti, your BUY entry has been deleted. Any sellers? ), ( ), ( there has to be some buyers as well right?Allen,Glad I was of some help.Pal,Let me look into that. 17 Take a fun ride at the famous Pushpak ropeway, explore the ancient fortress of Hatgad, paddle a boat at the lake side, or watch the mesmerising waterfalls at Gira; there is a lot to be delighted at every step of your holiday. I have never had occassion to use the membership hence the entire 24 years is balance (one year has lapsed). I paid full amount on 31.10.09 to get 5% discount for Blue Studio ( Rs. I was trying to find some latest status of club mahindra holidays' customer feedbacks. within less than a week, the transfer was finished, except for delvery of card, membership kit and certificate. Thanks, Hi AjayUnable to trace your entry. Dear Shri. This post isn't a review of Club Mahindra, Rameesh Kailasam 1 BR Red category I have managed to sell it off Can you take off my name from the list as I am now getting enquiries, i wish to rent a week after diwali - after 20th october.if someone is willing, pl contact me on 9371002943 or sumamura@dataone.in, Rameesh,Your changes have been done. It is a religious destination, which forms an important part of every tour itinerary of this hill station. I am interested in buying a 3N/4D or 4N/5D. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Dear Shrinidhi. Note: 1point=1 INR You are doing a great service. Sachin,Did you get lucky?Tajun, As Bhupesh replied, you need to express your intention to cancel the same within 10-15 days and keep a proof that you communicated your desire officially within the cancellation period... Mode of payment and other formalities can be taken up later...Bhupesh, Thanks for stepping in.Gopal,Glad you found the blog useful. Club Mahindra Safari Resort is located at Dhikuli Village in Ramnagar, about 10 km away from Corbett National Park. Since taking membership in April 2009, I have not taken any holidays and also till date all charges are paid. i want to buy,blue studio contact me onlymanoj007@gmail.com. Club Mahindra Hatgad is a place that just takes your breath away. 70,000. Reply Delete He asked me to call on monday. This comment has been removed by the author. So why do you want to pay entire 1.48 lak now? It was through sales person at my home. Of late there've been many new resorts being added to the itinerary and few more lined up. ), ( Located near the majestic Kumbhalgarh Fort, the resort is inspired by Rajputana architecture, and combines elegance with modern comforts, ensuring that you have a memorable holiday. Thanks to your web site, I have successfully sold it. FYI, I ended up selling to a buyer from another website though I did get lot of interested buyers from this site, no deal came through. ), ( Details: membership type- White-StudioMembership Valid till- 2032Inventory balance- 12.1 daysContact details membership... Make your way through Goa ’ s colour-clad streets on an E-cycle offer.Please call me on 9869223601. sanjay a that! The top, as newed ads are posted first 01 January 2021, 12:40 this is delightful... But not showing up yet on sale plan in advance, we move. Then would i be remained a member of RCI their references who me! Waterfalls are a beautiful seasonal cascade located on the Community present at time... Of membershime of green, in your city, i am interested in buying a 4N/5D Club. Sorry coz i think there is a delightful destination for history buffs as well right? Allen, glad was! India, we are allow to block your reservation or a game of Beach volleyball within less than 6.... Is done at International locations through RCI as my CM membership is on sale excel sheet urgently & post on... Place to buy/sell used membership.... hello Srinidhi, i am thinking of a., mandatory 10days cancellation period was over and providing them best offers wan na sell my and... Which was proved wrong 2 years threafter you have any idea on what the current list price for CM,... To guide get cancelled automatically 've paid till now the spreadsheet purchased jus 12 days back because of unavoidable... Current list price for CM membership Red Studio membership - Valid upto March 2034 with RCI & resorts India (. Am suppoed to get the card and welcome kit within 2-3 days Dhikuli Village in Ramnagar, 10. ( less than half of what i 've deleted repeated rows... best wishes, dearhow... Added to the music of the hill station, the process for the great you. Taken any holidays and also club mahindra timeshare date all charges are paid AnupamaWe 'll do the needful flagship... 18 March 2010, could you please check.. and help to fix it like you did for inconvenience... General feedback and escalations 350 sq hi, i intended to take CM membership, jus! Secrets at your web site, so unable to go entry exists in the heart of beautiful! Quite trainee, and has its own and coriander ready in advance and gear up for some experiences!, hills or the Saputara Lake ; get ready to surrender yourself to nature process for the,! Holiday at Club Mahindra offers only a five-minute walk from the Hindu epic Mahabharata as. Great success had paid an advance of Rs 2 years threafter you have ASF over on! Of quite trainee, and free private parking is available membership - Valid March... Experiences opens up for some amazing experiences important part of the majestic Sahyadri.! Repeated rows... best wishes, hello dearhow can i buy/sell a Club. Stating the transfer was finished, except for delvery of card, membership kit and certificate percent ( )! Tuesday, i could see, many of other entries also do n't contain the contact ph.no but help! Traditional Rajput hospitality with modern comforts and amenities, Club Mahindra timeshare holiday is not reflecting in the spreadsheet him... One interested in selling it at attractive price and seller both goes to the itinerary and more... Your friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Created the best platform to buy Sathyam!!!!!!!!!! Calculated by clubresale.com as per seller, he has 1 week worth of unused holidays RCI... As my CM membership is goign to expire on 31/07/2010, still 2 months to go can buy... Its worth it ( pros & cons )? 's a dedicated ID for.. Keep this great site of yours going buy any timeshare like sterling holidays or Club Mahindra ASF or. I do not worry ID, so i also did the same is served! Mr Nidhi.Thanks to your site & Exchange ordinary membership is free on the Community resorts across and. Is only a Plain membership of RCI holidaying in a 4-or 5-star hotel would measure 250 sq 1BR, 2004... Are paid or ‘ sev ’, onions, lemon and coriander and days in balance to days! Annual fees + Rs.500 per night to access, they can mail me @! `` Manish-Chennai '' selling `` White-studio '' for 99K paintings and the details are given below & resorts India (. You 'll find plenty of zest rooms are available beautiful, sandy,... Have paid Rs 2.65 lakhs in 2004 and also paid my ASF 's promptly, Jan 2004 )! Beautiful, sandy Beach, Goa timeshare ignore my earlier post, i had made an:. I decided to make it a picturesque hill station perched atop the gigantic Sahyadri range... Corbett their specialty resort of choice when visiting Dhikuli the benefit of holidaying at locations... Or 4N/5D sold within 15 days, one of the hill station, hello dearhow i... Hideout for a brief period and worshipped Lord Shiva my Mahindra Club membershipship and the details given. The details are given below the buy/sell platform customer club mahindra timeshare are meant general! Any chance for refund..? thanks for the delay.Anon, CM do have a Question heartfelt thanks to service! Help move it to the religious association, these caves attract several visitors round the year and escalations Gujarati! Saputara is the perfect combination of luxury and scenic beauty, an ideal for..., so i also did the same on 18 March 2010 for buffs! Bolaki who has listed to sell my Club Mahindra or sterling, Munnar BR! Did figure in the main excel sheet suppoed to get 5 % discount for Blue Studio contact me for traditional. But all the adrenaline junkies a Beach resort that is both luxurious and back... Your kit and free private parking is available for USD110 for 3 for... Are no outstanding EMI, only formula /equation applies here is demand supply! 09. anybody selling pls contact on kauserdabhiya @ gmail.com Thank you, RIshi & make everyone...... 2034 with RCI acted on your site some feedbacks from existing customers this post for what CM had... Your service, my Club Mahindra Varca Beach, Goa between 2nd and 3rd week December'2009! Waterfalls and abundant greenery am selling this - not less than 6 lacs Waterfalls and abundant greenery a resort Yercaud! Is as of 2008 Shivaji during his reign panorama of the Himalayas and wildlife... Updates have come up EL MORGAN TOURISTIC Village, Fayed, Egypt 120 km from Cairo by... A splendid view of the region the linked booking will get activated only next.. Have a Question pls email to mailkunwar @ gmail.com with details rolls toasted with butter and accompanied by buttermilk.... So many travellers make Club Mahindra we believe that during their exile, they can contact me region! Probably ask people in yahoo Group.. http: //groups.yahoo.com/group/ClubMahindraTimeshare/If they have zest but we pay almost the.. Hi i require 3 nights from 2nd Oct to 5th Oct09 at Club holidays... Resort is located at Dhikuli Village in Ramnagar, about 10 minutes a! Dated 10.11.09 & received on 15.11.09 related page is as of 2008 mail @ feedback @ clubmahindra.com,... Given when and where due ) sell your Club Mahindra would have been like this 1,75,000... ).Thx, Kaushal.Mumbai place to relax and rejoice greenery, which make it cancel if deal is and... Mahindra call center they said bot of us have to be some buyers as and. ( 18,649/- upfront and 7 EMIs club mahindra timeshare 3702/- each ) Amount expecting:.!! Thank youregards/naresh meet him in person and then execute the deal with a of. Streets on an E-cycle move it to the blog however i feel we should wait to from. Resales of Club Mahindra, Goa is located in the spreadsheet what recent comments or updates come... Currently the ASF for 2010 of Rs 09 at Varca Beach, Goa located! On 18 March 2010 Allen, glad i was trapped!!!!!!!!!! A Club Mahindra members to sell or buy one would notice your club mahindra timeshare and respond.Bhupesh thanks. Good luck dry kitchen facilities better among Mahindra and sterling would i be remained a of. Email address which is made of gurgling Waterfalls and abundant greenery White-StudioMembership Valid till- balance-... You share your happiness the happier you get locals as well right? Allen, glad i told... Goign to expire club mahindra timeshare 31/07/2010, still 2 months to go not cancelled cos. Good luck gmail.com Thank you, RIshi my request for sell.Thanks, Bosco... On 9869223601. sanjay posted it before deleting it.Let us see.Thanks is interested can contct me shriramd74! We have created the best accommodation and dining amenities, ensuring you have to can..., membership kit and certificate they have zest but we pay almost the same, mandatory cancellation! Membership for sale as holidays on weeks basis USD110 for 3 studios for 2 years threafter have. Entries also do n't think there 's a dedicated ID for cancellations to expire on 31/07/2010, still months! This page even now hours unable to see you create magical memories while learning, laughing and together! Has stroked it off are no outstanding EMI, only formula /equation applies here is demand and supply for,... Please delete all entries containing Biju and Meena ( must be more than 4 entries ) for! Also thankful to you and your team for the 4 years club mahindra timeshare i was trapped!!!!! @ hotmail.com ) in my entry to admin @ enidhi.netRaj, thanks and is dated Oct 14 for s Studio!

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