A Get Back to Nature Coloring Party Guide 

Coloring Parties are a great reason for friends and families to get together. “Get Back to Nature” is the perfect coloring party book to inspire your next party. It’s a great way to have an adult-only time out with friends and unwind.

These are the guidelines to get you started:

  • Pick a theme such as Coffee, Tea and Me Coloring Party/Group,  Coloring & Cupcakes, or  name yourself the  Get Back to Nature Coloring Group that has regular or weekly coloring meetings.
  • Give all the guests the link to the estore to buy their own “Get Back to Nature” in the Hocking Hills Adult Coloring Book or take orders and one person places an order for everyone. Give everyone the date and time.
  • Remind them to bring their favorite colored pencils, markers or crayons work fine, too.
  • You can provide the snacks or everyone can bring something. If members take turns hosting you can meet at various locations – even outside or come to the Hocking Hills to color after you hike the three state parks that are in the book.
  • Have a contest where everyone colors the same page. You will be amazed at how the same picture looks different when each colorist gives it their own creative style. In this contest there is no winner. Everyone wins because there is no right or wrong way to color a page. Everyone get to admire all the different “masterpieces”.
  • The most important requirement is to have fun, relax, unwind and enjoy the company of good friends. Life is made of times like this so appreciate your life and know that you are blessed.

Sample invitation to send to family or friends:

Get Back to Nature Book Cover

You’re Invited to a Get Back to Nature Coloring Party




Estore Link:   https://www.createspace.com/6460337

RSVP to ____________________________________

Let’s get together and color like there’s no tomorrow.



Copyright Terri Baker 2016

Copyright Terri Baker 2016