The first page I colored became the cover. The second one was Old Man’s Cave State Park. The third page was the “Butterfly” page.

I used markers to color it, then I went over the markers with a glitter pen. I liked it so well I decided to frame it. From the on I decided to take pictures of all the pages I colored and frame them.

I had designed them as “mini posters” and this proves my point that you can frame them for yourself or to give as gifts to others who also love nature and the outdoors.

Hint: When you do this the only requirement is to take 1/4 inch off the left margin. That will give you a 1/2″ margin around all sides. The reason for this is because I added 1/4 inch to the spine for easier removal and ease in coloring if you keep it in the book.

I also use Dollar Store simple 81/2 x 11 black document frames that I bought for a reasonable price several years ago. They work and look just fine. If you give them away as a gift no one is going to ask where you got the frame from and it does make it more reasonable to frame them.

Framed and Colored page from "get Back to Nature" Adult Coloring Book

Framed and Colored page from “Get Back to Nature” Adult Coloring Book

Framed Butterfly Coloring Page

Framed Butterfly Coloring Page

Framed Old Man's Cave Colored Page

Framed Old Man’s Cave Colored Page

Ash Cave Framed Art

Ash Cave Framed Art

"Cameo Deer" Framed Art

“Cameo Deer” Framed Art