or Best Offer. Free postage. As a result, these remarkable lines maintain suppleness across their length, and produce far less noise and rod guide friction than their competitors. The vertical axis indicates the rod’s power, while the horizontal axis indicates the rod’s action. Fast action fly rod. What motivates me to take part in this discussion is my dislike of the derogatory and often ill-informed rhetoric about Asian made fishing tackle, with fly rods being a particularly good example. These are a fast action rod to cover most fishing scenarios on offer. All Airflo Fly lines now have a Fractional system to describe their line tapers. The stab Those pike and carp anglers can find a complete fly fishing package from Airflo, containing 9ft 5/6 rod, fly reel preloaded with a floating line, a rod tube, leader, fly box and flies and sunglasses. starting from. 105-109 Whitchurch Rd Cardiff, South Wales CF14 3JQ. New products for 2013 include the Airtex wader, the natural evolution from the successful Delta wader and an innovative range of fly lines named Airflo Super-Dri due to their impressive feature set and float-ability. € 199,00. The Stillwater line is the ultimate taper for presenting a wide variety of flies. We recommend a true-to-weight line for all series and models Centric MODELS. Quick Links. $349.00. The hi-vis colour scheme makes it perfect for subtle nymphing techniques … Airflo Fishing came to be because Paul Burgess wasn’t happy with the current PVC fly line technology. € 44,90. Collection in person. This kind of rod gives you a perfect control of the drift but also enough reactivity for dry fly fishing. Airflo Apex Fly Rod. FLY LINE RECOMMENDATIONS a handy guide to help you get the most from your rod. New! Rod comes with a spare tip, rod bag and tube. Home > Fishing Tackle > Game Fishing Tackle > Fly Rods > Airflo Fly Rods; Airflo Super Stik MK2 Fly Fishing Rod. $349.99. Did I really need a dry fly rod in the boat? In the modern nymphing technique, the 10’ #3 is the most standard fly rod used for white-water fishing. It comes complete with a Cordura tube, an extra tip section in its own mini-tube and Manic’s ‘Quick Fix’ warranty. RRP: £169.99 - £199.99 £139.99 - £169.99. 'Green' or 'Environmentally Friendly' is something all fishing companies like to claim, and whilst we are more than happy to make you aware that our coatings are kinder to the environment, it was originally the search for a polymer that didn't leach solvents, was unaffected by UV and ultimately just lasted longer that lead us to pursue Polyurethane as an alternative to solvent based PVC. Airflo has graciously donated several lines to support the Year of the Rio! Its genius lies in its very inception. Choose our 13ft 8/9 model for small to medium rivers or the award winning powerful 15ft 10/11 for larger rivers and heavy sinking lines. Airflo Fly Rods. Airflo Skagit Compact G2 - 630 gr - Clearance Sale $59.99 $39.99 SALE Airflo Switch Float $99.99 $69.99 SALE Airflo Switch Streamer $99.99 $69.99 SALE If you’d like to chase average-sized fish species that make long runs, you’ll need a reliable rod that can hold a lot of line. Each rod comes with a high quality Cordura protective tube. The Airflo SuperFlo lines retail for £69.99, which puts them in the premium fly line price bracket, but you can usually pick Airflo lines up a bit cheaper than full RRP. They have single leg chrome rings, lined stripper rings, a custom reel seat, come with a cordura travel tube and have a high grade cork handle. $149.00. Airflo Super Stik Comp Special Fly Rod . 480d Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland 1023 . Filter by Sort by 1. Airflo Saltwater WF Fly Line Complete With T-Tip. Sharpe's Of Aberdeen. Action: Fast action rods feature softer tips than medium action rods and … ... With a taper born from hundreds upon hundreds of hours of testing on literally dozens of different rods, the Universal Taper serves the dry fly angler, the nymph fisherman and the streamer chucker - all with equal mastery. The best fly rod under $200 are the ones that feature solid build, smooth drag, increased accuracy, encompassing, and above all excellent value for money. Super Airflo Stream tec Nantec Fly Fishing Rod … Sort by. Airflo fly rods from Manic tackle, now with the Airflo Quick Fix Service to get you back on the water ASAP if you suffer any rod damages. € 239,99. trivoo. Airflo Apex Fly Rod High modulus blank built on multi tapered mandrels High end componentry Subtle emerald green blank Titanium coated single foot guides Spare tip and covered by Airflo's "Quick Fix" warranty service Comes complete with cordura rod tube and cloth Bag € 199,99. £65.00. Price: £169.99 Airflo Super Stik 2 Fly Rods with FREE Airflo Superdri Fly Line worth £45! AIRFLO SUPER-DRI BANDIT FLY LINE. Airflo Airlite V2 Fly Fishing Rods. € 78,89 . Airflo Streamtec V2 Fly Rods with FREE Superdri Airflo Fly Line worth £45! Crafted from the latest materials and nano technology, this rod has been manufactured with unique torsion control system and provides stability with a well balanced 4 piece design. Currently, Rajeff Sports distributes Echo Fly Rods to the world and Airflo Fly Lines to North America. Background In 2017 Airflo updated its original Airlite series with the V2 bringing out six models: a 9ft 5-wt, 10ft 6-wt, 9ft 6in 7wt, 10ft 7-wt, 9ft 8-wt and a 10ft 8-wt, all now four piece rods as opposed to the three piece original. The Airflo Ridge - the world’s first textured fly line. Designed in Scotland, made in Korea, Sharpe's of Aberdeen rods are something a bit different. Airflo Fly Rods; Filter Results Show products from this brand: Sort by: Show only clearance items. Nice build quality. In this review, we compare 12 references in the 10’ #3 market: Indeed, they're going to be available for £49.99 for the next few months. Rods are light and sensitive, yet fast and powerful and they’re very easy to cast thanks to our blend of high-tec materials and advanced taper designs. Redesigned for 2019, the popular Airflo Streamtec rods have been further refined with a lighter more responsive action to give you even more control over your fine presentation fly fishing. £155.59. € 269,00. BTW I do not own an Airflo rod nor do I have any connection with that company although I have known ReneVaz for a few years. Their range has now expanded from the hugely successful Airflo Fly Lines to include a respected range of Airflo Fly Rods, Airflo Fly Reels, Nets, Clothing and Accessories. Airflo Vector Fly Rod. The Bandit SuperDri is the ultimate all round trout stalking fly line with enough power to knock over bulky flies and indicators while also maintaining a clean loop shape capable of dropping a fly on a trouts nose at 70 feet. Airflo Airtec Two Hand Nano Fly Rod . Tip! Airflo Greentooth Pike Rod 4pc . The Airflo Blade is a lightweight, fast action, high modulus weapon, matt black finished rod with high end componentry that you would normally find on a $1,000 rod. Tim Rajeff's Echo Fly Fishing is the culmination of his huge personality and an outlet of both creativity and service to the industry. Airflo Airtec Nano technology Nan-tec Switch Fly Fishing 11ft 3in 6,7,8wt Rod. This smart looking shirt is new to Airflo and whether you fish on your local stillwater or the flats in a far flung place then this shirt will tick all the boxes. He was an avid fly-fisher and engineer, so he sought to change how fly lines are manufactured. The original Airlite rods were nothing short of sublime. In simple terms, single-hand rod action is derived from the top half of the rod, while power is derived from the bottom half. Designed exclusively for the back country angler stalking those ultra spooky fish. Airflo fly rods from Manic tackle, now with the Airflo Quick Fix Service to get you back on the water ASAP if you suffer any rod damages. $249.99 Filter by Sort by 1. » Rods » Singlehanded Rods » Airflo SH rods. € 219,00 . It is an outstanding rod on its own, but a perfect 'Extra' rod to have in the boat with either a different line or different setup - ready to go. The Airflo SuperFlo Stillwater Fly Line is designed for optimum performance when distance and delicacy are key. The Airflo Super Stik 2 fly rods are awarded the prestigious 'tackle tester's choice' in October 2018 issue of … Newport. Airflo Delta Classic DH A great duo of salmon rods, built to exacting specifications the Delta Classic samlon series represents truly outstanding value for money. You see, unlike most textured lines, the Ridge’s texture actually runs parallel to the line itself. 29 Redland Street Gwent, South Wales NP20 5LZ We strive to provide quality products and customer service to our fellow fly … Here are our picks for the best fly rod … (10) 10 product ratings - Airflo 10ft 7/8 Fly Fishing Kit Rod Reel Float Line Fly Box & Tube Sunglasses. New Fractional Line Ratings: With all the new fly lines that are far from true in their line weights, AirFlo and Tim Rajeff have come up with an innovative system to describe line weights that will make it easier for anglers to match their fly lines to their rods. Home > Categories > Flyfishing > Fly rods > AIRFLO. AIRFLO NYMPH MASTER EURO NYMPH FLY RODS. Normally, I’m not into extrovert fly rods, but this one pulls it off. They are particularly multipurpose and very popular amongst anglers who like fishing in small to medium sized streams. Moving from the tower system, he started using computer-controlled methods … Presenting to you, the Airflo Rocket series, the Rocket Fly Rod probably the best looking rod in the line up and with more zip and speed, this rod is a more than a worthy successor of the Airlite. The Airflo Blade, at a whiff under $350 is a bargain given its power, poise and the quality of the reel seat. AIRFLO COASTAL SALTWATER FLY RODS.

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