My First Attempts at Coloring

I Love the Hocking Hills

I Love the Hocking Hills

To be honest with you, the front cover for “Get Back to Nature” is the first time I have colored as an adult. This page is my second attempt. It was done with a set of 100 markers from US Art Supply that I got on Amazon.

I went with markers as the first attempt at coloring the cover was done with colored pencils and I found that they did not scan well, especially for a cover.

I would love to have others with more experience than I with colored pencils and shading to color this page and post it to my Facebook page at

I have seen some beautiful work done on the internet and I know you are out there. Please show me just what can be done with the black and white pages that I designed and drew for others to color.

I would love to see some of the fantastic “masterpieces” that colorists out there can do.  I consider what I have done as a starting point and would love to see what others can do. Are you up to it?