Being new to coloring, I would have to say, “Yes”.

I colored every page of my new coloring book, “Get Back to Nature” so that I could display pages on this website and on social media and by the time I got to the last page I would have to say I am “hooked”.

I was going through a very stressful time in my life and when I was coloring my mind was not dwelling on the negatives. It was creating something beautiful which is a positive.

So in my very unscientific example it helped to relieve my stress. I went to sleep after I was done coloring and by the next morning things didn’t look so bad. So coloring helped me to get over something that was bothering me.  It didn’t solve the problem, but helped me to bridge the gap from being pessimistic to optimistic. And by using my creative muscle the next morning I was thinking of ways to solve my problem which is a positive thing to do.

There is also a sense of empowerment that one gets when you complete a page and look at it. There was a blank black and white page there and now it is colored and nice enough to frame.

Even though I am a creative person, the creative muscle needs to be exercised. Some people say they have no creativity which is not true. Everyone has a left and right side of their brain. One side is analytical and the other controls your creativity.

If someone doesn’t use their creative side it is still there but because you don’t use it, you think that it went somewhere. It didn’t. Coloring is a creative exercise that makes your creative muscle stronger which is great news if you have a job or career that doesn’t use that side of your brain.

Also, we all lead very stressful lives. Just merely living means we will come across stressful situations. Some people turn to alcohol or drugs to escape their situation even for a short time. I have never done that but my point is that I would rather color my way through to the other side. It is a much better solution.

During various times in my life I have had a positive addiction to exercise because it releases endorphins which make you feel good naturally and gets rid of my negative emotions. I can now say I have another positive addiction – coloring. So now I have a choice. When something stresses me out I can either do some aerobics or reach for my colored markers and a blank coloring page.

To sum it up, “Yes” coloring is addictive and it also relieves stress – for me. If you haven’t tried coloring to date, give it a try. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.