Being new to coloring I check out coloring groups on Facebook.  I got notice about a new one called, “Sassy School of Coloring”. She has video tutorials. I watched one on coloring black hair where she used paper stubs to blend the colors. We used to do this with charcoal pencils in art school. She used it with a Prismacolor black pencil and it worked just fine. (This is a closed group so you have to join first).   This is the link to join the group.

Super Doodle Gel Pens Sale

Super Doodle Gel Pens Sale

There was a sale of 50% off for a pack of 36 gel pens which brought the price down to $6.47. Supposedly it was only for the weekend but I tried it on the following Tuesday and it still works. I have a set of glitter gel pens so now I will have a set of 36 regular colors of gel pens.

This was the post that I used and as of September 20th it was still working. I LOVE to get coloring supplies at a DEEP discount.  The regular price is $12.95. Check it out:

Incredible sale code for Super Doodle Gel Pens!! Use code GPSALE50 at checkout to get 50% this pack. It came to $6.47!!! You can’t beat that!! Hurry!!!

Check out some of her videos. The ones I saw were good.

I also signed up for a newsletter and got a free coloring page.

If anyone else knows of a good group to join please let me know.