Get Back to Nature in the Hocking Hills Adult Coloring Book

“Get Back to Nature” in the Hocking Hills Adult Coloring Book

Terri Baker’s third book, “Get Back to Nature” is the only adult coloring book that is inspired by the Hocking Hills of Ohio. She has hand drawn 20 mini posters printed only on one page for colorists to enjoy. Terri Baker has a BFA as a graphic designer and designed the coloring book to complement the two guidebooks she has already written about the Hocking Hills. “Get Back to Nature” is available for purchase at the estore on her website at and also at

According to Forbes Magazine, “The Adult Coloring Craze Continues and There is No End in Sight”. The phenomenon shows no signs of slowing down. Many colorists report that stress reduction, calmness and relaxation are what drew them to coloring. Other colorists like the creativity and the memories of coloring during their childhood.

Tourists who visit the Hocking Hills and hike three popular state parks in the area can go back to their cabins and color those pages in “Get Back to Nature”. Coloring parties with friends and family are popular pastimes now and they are a great idea and a fun activity to plan during a staycation or getaway in the beautiful Hocking Hills area. Colorists now have a new way to enjoy the beauty that surrounds them when they visit the Hocking Hills.

So to all the colorists out there – don’t forget to pack your colored pencils when you come to the Hocking Hills to enjoy the outdoors and get back to nature.

About Hocking Hills Guidebooks and Terri Baker Designs:  Terri Baker published “The Best Kept Secrets of the Hocking Hills” guidebook as a print edition. She then wrote and published a Kindle guidebook entitled “Hocking Hills Highlights”. Both these guidebooks can be purchased at her website at or at Her publishing company is Hocking Hills Guidebooks.

The adult coloring book craze shows no signs of stopping. Coloring is known to be a relaxing and calming activity that blends very nicely with the Hocking Hills of Ohio. Coloring parties and groups are forming daily to color together. At there are guidelines on how to plan a coloring party for family and friends who come to the Hocking Hills to color.

“Get Back to Nature” is the only Hocking Hills inspired adult coloring book out there. They can hike Old Man’s Cave, Cedar Falls and Ash Cave and then go to their lodging and color those pages. Coloring is an activity that three generations can enjoy together.

In a day and age where families and friends need quality time spent together, coloring gives them an opportunity to bond together enjoying a fun activity that gets the creative juices flowing. has Sargent 50 coloring pencil sets available for $8.69 so it is also a very economical activity. Of course, there are the top of the line Prismacolor pencils, too. Coloring enthusiasts will know the difference.



Copyright Terri Baker 2016

Copyright Terri Baker 2016